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Bradford Networks Enhances Network Security for the Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland
Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:51:24 AM
Bradford Networks

December 21, 2016 – Boston, MA – Bradford Networks, an innovator in transforming network security through visibility, control and response, is enhancing network security for the Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland, part of the Salvation Army international church and charitable organization. The Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland has selected Network Sentry to provide enhanced control over endpoint security, streamline mobile access management, simplify guest access at its 80 locations, and increase network security.

For the initial installation, Network Sentry is replacing a manual process for creating and assigning individual guest access, which is provisioned on multiple different LANS. Khipu Networks, a Bradford Networks partner, is in the process of completing the installation of Network Sentry, which is already operational at multiple locations. This installation showcases Network Sentry’s unique multiple portal functionality. The Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland is fully utilizing Network Sentry’s multiple portal feature to secure 80 different sites that all have slightly different provisioning based on local requirements, while still providing a similar look and feel for each access portal and enabling management of all locations from one centralized point.

“The Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland wanted an endpoint security solution to simplify mobile and guest management by automating their manual Wifi network access provisioning process. The organization required a robust solution that would unify the mobile and guest access experience, as well as the look and feel for all 80 locations, while reducing the time IT staff spend provisioning guests and mobile devices,” stated Don Dyer, technical consultant for Khipu Networks. “They selected Network Sentry because it is not only a leading endpoint security solution, but it is also one of the few products that seamlessly handles their unique provisioning and integration needs for all 80 locations. Khipu Networks’ wireless expertise made this a smooth installation and the Salvation Army UK is already considering expanding the use of Network Sentry to include automated threat response.”

“One of our biggest concerns was the multiple wireless SSIDs. Anytime we wanted a new LAN or additional guest access to be provisioned we were manually configuring access,” stated Christian Cundall, head of messaging services for the Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland.” Cundall continued, “With Network Sentry, we can now automatically provide wireless users with one connection ID that places the device on the appropriate network and is provisioned for the proper level of access. Network Sentry has enabled us to simplify wireless device management and even expand BYOD opportunities for employees, while increasing network security.”

Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry works with the widest array of security technologies in the industry, so it can work with existing or planned investments. It is designed to augment leading security, mobile management, and wired/wireless vendor solutions to provide complete and secure solutions for all endpoint devices. Network Sentry also supports compli­ance with PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other regulations.

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